Inspiring New Generations of Conservationists

Introduce Kids to the Amazing Ocean World with Magic of the Sea Educational Download Kits

Look out as far as you can see.....

Every child should stare out into the ocean in awe... knowing there is a whole separate world below the waves.

Our Ocean kits are perfect for sharing with kids at schools, camps, marine learning centers and whale watches! Each downloadable kit contains:

* A complete PDF version of the book Magic of the Sea

* Ocean Animal Fact and Q&A Sheets

* Fun Printables

* Themed Coloring and Activity Pages

* A Save the Ocean Pledge 

* Ocean Protector Certificate!

* Craft ideas and more!

Print as many and as often as needed- for 1 child or 1,000!   Ideal for K-3

Share the Magic with your class or organization today and help inspire future generation of marine conservationists!

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