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When Twist and Bubbles visit Florida, they don't know there are manatees in the water! Dr. T must patch up sweet Meggy-Moo Manatee and her friends when they are bumped by boats. A great book to learn about respecting animal habitats.

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Sailor-Lyn doesn't see anything in the ocean except waves. Then a magical narwhal named Niko shows Sailor-Lyn the magic of the sea! Join Sailor-Lyn as she learns all about amazing sea creatures!

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Sharks can lose a lot of teeth! Sammy the Shark is excited to put more teeth under his pillow every night. Can the Tooth Mermaid keep up with him?

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Southern resident Orca Books

Bubbles is having a hard time finding the salmon she needs to eat for supper. Her friends must come together to protect her food source. A great book to introduce children to marine conservation.

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Sailor-Lyn wants to learn all she can about the Southern Resident Orcas she sees at Lime Kiln Point. When she finds out there are only 72 whales left, she makes a promise to help save them from extinction. Will there be 99 whales again... or will something even better happen?

Coming Spring 2021

Vincent the Mantis Shrimp Coloring Book $10.99

Coming February 2021

Classroom Activity Kits $24.99

Coming February 2021

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